Creative Work

Professional Work

  • The article "Home-Grown Lessons," about students who work and gain professional experience on Meredith's campus, was published in the spring 2017 issue of Meredith Magazine
  • I interviewed the awesome novelist/writer (and my friend) Nic Brown for the North Carolina Literary Review's 2017 issue. Read "'part of a little counterculture': An Interview with Musician-Turned-Writer Nic Brown"!
  • The fall 2016 issue of Meredith Magazine features an article I wrote about understanding the College's Alma Mater as a compressed history of the College.
  • Zombies and creative writing? The fall 2016 issue of Meredith Magazine features an essay I wrote about teaching a zombie-themed creative writing class. 
  • I wrote an op-ed for the News & Observer about the ways that politicians seek to divide us. It was published online with the headline "Native vs. newcomer: How NC politicians seek to divide us."
  • I wrote a story about the delicious and wonderful Southern Sugar Bakery, based in Raleigh, N.C., for the August issue of Walter Magazine

  • For the spring 2016 issue of Meredith Magazine, I pored through hundreds of pages of Meredith College's history, reading a variety of documents, to create an interesting, textured timeline of the history of the school.

  • Many schools, organizations, and businesses have archives that preserve the history of the organization. Meredith College is no exception, and I had the pleasure of writing an article for the spring 2016 issue of Meredith Magazine about the Meredith College Archives, which records, stores, and preserves much of the school's history. 

  • Meredith College is turning 125 this year, and I had the chance to write about the anniversary for the fabulous Walter Magazine. There are some wonderful images along with the article. 

  • I had the great opportunity to interview a wide variety of Meredith College faculty members about their experiences on their sabbaticals for "Sabbaticals Support Strong Teaching, Keep Faculty Going Strong."

  • My op-ed, "When we silence women," appeared in the October 17, 2015, issue of the News & Observer. (It appeared online as "All the ways we silence women.")

  • I was able to combine my loves of reading, writing, and interviewing for "Stories of Strong Women," a piece that ran in the summer 2015 issue of Meredith Magazine. The article offers recommendations for both classic and contemporary books. Hope you find some new books to add to your reading list! I know I did. 

  • I wrote an opinion piece responding to a newscaster's comment that street harassment ("hey baby"s and all of that) is a compliment. It's not. The piece, "Gayle King Is Wrong: Street Harassment Is Not a Compliment," appeared in As It Ought to Be in November. 

  • Meredith Magazine featured my story, "Meredith & the Military," in the fall 2014 issue. The story featured Meredith College alumnae who have served and are currently serving in the military. The women I interviewed were incredibly passionate, and I loved talking with them!

  • My op-ed piece about what the increase in homeschooling in North Carolina might mean for education in our state ran in the News & Observer on August 22, 2014: "Deserting the idea of the common good" (appeared online as "NC homeschooling and abandoning the common good").

  • My story “Reputation for Excellence,” a feature on Meredith College's strong education program, appeared in the summer 2014 print issue of Meredith Magazine

  • “Art and Activism,” a feature about a Meredith art professor, appeared in the spring 2014 print issue of Meredith Magazine. I had so much fun writing this article and going out for a photo shoot. She is amazing!

  • The spring 2014 print issue of Meredith Magazine also featured an article about negotiation, “The Art of Negotiation.” 

  • My op-ed piece about teachers, women, and NC state politics, “Where Are the Women?”, appeared in News & Observer on Feb. 17, 2014. (It was published online with the headline "In NC Politics, Women Are Noticeably Absent.")

  • I love the TV show Girls! I wrote "Being Hannah Horvath: How Seriously Should We Take Girls?" about the show's main character and its audience. Thanks to As It Ought to Be for publishing it. 

  • My op-ed piece about the North Carolina Museum of Forestry, “Taking an Ax to Our Tar Heel Family Tree,” appeared in the News & Observer on June 4, 2013. It was published online with the headline "Killing Forestry Museum Would Be an Ax to Our Tar Heel Family Tree."

  • The News Reporter, the newspaper in Whiteville, N.C., reprinted “Taking an Ax to Our Tar Heel Family Tree."

  • My story about a networking group at Meredith College, “Networking Angels: Building Relationships, One Alumna at a Time," appeared in the spring 2013 print issue of Meredith Magazine

  • My personal essay and story about Meredith College's first alumna president, “We Have Waited for Thy Coming," appeared in the spring 2012 print issue of Meredith Magazine

  • I wrote a blog post, "Rhythm vs. Fact," for Phoebe about truthiness & truth in nonfiction, published on Feb. 14, 2012. 

  • While I was reading Hemingway's A Moveable Feast, I wrote a blog post, "A Reader's Choice," for Phoebe posing a question for consideration, published on Feb. 9, 2012. 

  • After hearing Joan Didion read (amazing, of course), on Nov. 30, 2011, I wrote a blog post for Phoebe called "How Much Does the Reader Get to Know?"

  • I write a lot about the past, and after a masterclass with author Suzanne Berne, I wrote the blog post "The Past in Nonfiction" for Phoebe's blog on Nov. 4, 2011. 

  • In October 2010, I interviewed Lisa Tracy, author of Objects of Our Affection. The interview was published on the Fall for the Book website and on Phoebe's blog. Read "Telling Our Stories."

  • “Meredith Continues Efforts to Increase Diversity” appeared in the 2004 print issue of Meredith Magazine

  • “Coming Home to 3800 Hillsborough Street" appeared in the summer 2003 print issue of Meredith Magazine. It was a really fun piece to write about attending alumnae weekend for the first time. 

For fun: 

In 2010, I had the pleasure of introducing two historians at a Fall for the Book Reading at George Mason University. The reading aired on C-SPAN, and they recorded my introduction, as well!