I'm an experienced teacher of many kinds of writing. I've taught creative writing to college students and to middle schoolers. I've taught first-year writing, introduction to literature, and other general education writing courses. And I've taught at a variety of schools -- a private, liberal arts school; a large, public university; a community college; and a top-ten university. 


Duke University Center for Documentary Studies
Writing instructor
August 2015-present

Meredith College
Instructor, English Department
August 2012-August 2016

Durham Technical Community College
Instructor in the English Department
August 2012-May 2013


Duke University
Instructor, Thompson Writing Program
January 2014-June 2015; August 2016-present

Meredith Young Writers' Camp
July 2013-present

Meredith College High School Writers' Workshop      July 2016-present

George Mason University
Instructor in the English Department
August 2010-May 2012